Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Days of Christmas, part 3

It inflates, it lights up and made them light up.

This third day of December the kids unwrapped an inflatable snowman taller than any of them. Alena and Alivia hugged their frosty friend. Alysse jumped at the sight of him.

And Trace ... well, he wouldn't get within three feet. Our inflatable Steeler lineman gritting his teeth can be Trace's buddy on football Sundays, but the smiling snowman presented some threat. Logical, yes?


Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying the Days of December. It is like a real live advent calendar for me. I can't wait to see it each morning.

Thanks Yvette, Becky and Buzz

Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much,Yvette, for posting their responses. It is fun to get the Christmas count down together, but lots more fun seeing their reaction. I always have wondered if it was a fun gift or an appropriate-for-their-age gift. With your help I get to see their reactions.
Love, Becky