Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Days of Christmas, part 10

They light up lives, how appropriate they receive little lights of their own. Holiday night lights, that is. What was brighter, their smiles or the lights, is a toss up.

Besides casting a warm glow, three of the night lights are lava lamp like, with glittery liquid inside that moves as the light warms.

Alysse's night light is an angel. She so liked how it lit up when plugged in that she hugged it.

Alivia choose a snowman holding a rope of sparkly snowflakes. While it doesn't have the lava lamp affect as the others do, hers, in my opinion, is the cutest of all.

Alena's Christmas tree night light, with dangling ornaments as an added touch, was admired by everyone, especially her.

Trace, in his spread 'em for a pat down pose, is hugging/blocking his snowman night light. Being the king of the "unplug it and run" posse, he must have been having a guilty conscious the same would be done to his new light.

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